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Lien à suivre pour une exploration de El Capitan, impressionant !

Yosemite Climbing – Interactive Graphic – Pictures, More From National Geographic Magazine.

With an image of Alex Honnold on Half Dome’s Thank God Ledge gracing its cover, National Geographic‘s latest issue takes a look at a “new generation of superclimbers…pushing the limits in Yosemite”.  If you don’t subscribe to Nat Geo or aren’t inclined to go pick up a copy you’re in luck since most of the content featured within the magazine is already online along with a few bonus videos.

In addition, there is a photo gallery with images from the likes of Mikey Schaefer and Jimmy Chin as well as a trio of videos going behind the scenes with Chin, free soloing with Alex Honnold, and highlining with Dean Potter.  There’s also a cool interactive map showing the lines of a few routes up El Cap.

Interactive map showing a few historically significant routes up El Cap